Purchasing the right fire extinguisher will have a huge impact on your ability to protect your family, your home, and/or your place of business. Do you know what you should be looking for as you are shopping for a fire extinguisher?

Different Fire Extinguisher Classes

There are five different fire extinguisher classes. Understanding each one is a huge part of making sure you purchase the right type of fire extinguisher. The five different fire extinguisher classes are:

  • Class A: cloth, paper, wood, plastic
  • Class B: gasoline and other flammable liquids
  • Class C: electrical fires caused by appliances and wiring
  • Class D: flammable metals (commonly found in science labs)
  • Class K: kitchen fires (grease and hot oils)

ABC Fire Extinguishers

An ABC fire extinguisher is a perfect option for a household or place of business that does not have a lot of flammable metal lying around. Just keep the ABC fire extinguisher out of the kitchen because it is not going to help with grease and oil fires in the kitchen.

K Class Fire Extinguisher

There should be a “K” class fire extinguisher in every residential and commercial kitchen. This type of fire extinguisher comes equipped with the right chemicals to cool down cooking fats and oils without the risk of them re-igniting. You can use this type of fire extinguisher for class “A” fires as well. Just avoid using this fire extinguisher around electrical wiring.

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher

A carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is a great option for electrical fires when you want to protect the electrical equipment from the extinguisher while putting out the fire. This fire extinguisher can put out electrical fires without leaving a nasty residue of chemicals behind on the wires. You can also use this type of extinguisher on oil and petrol based fires too.

You should never use this type of fire extinguisher on cooking fat fires. The fire extinguisher will cause the fire to spread instead of putting it out.

Do Not Forget The Accessories

In addition to your fire extinguisher, there are also a number of accessories to think about:

  • Vehicle Mount
  • Mount Cabinet
  • Covers
  • Labels
  • Signs

These accessories will make the fire extinguisher safer and easier to use.

At some point in time during your life, you will need to purchase a fire extinguisher. You do not want to put yourself in a position where you find out you bought the wrong one because it won’t put out the fire you are standing in front of. Talk to experts, like those from 3D Fire & Safety Ltd, for more information.