If you rent out apartment units and have a tenant that has fled their monetary responsibility by leaving their apartment, you will want to do some cleaning so you can rent it to another tenant. You will want to work fast so you can collect rent money that you are losing from having an empty unit, so having help from others may be necessary. Here are some tips you can use when cleaning out an abandoned apartment unit.

Hire A Dumpster Service

You will want to have a waste bin available to place items from within the home that are not going to be of use to anyone. Make sure to wear gloves when doing waste removal to avoid contamination or bacteria. You can have a dumpster set right in your parking area, or in front of the unit that is being cleaned. This will make it easy for removal as you will not need to walk very far to bring the waste to a dumpster.


If there are any items within that unit that can be recycled, they may be able to be taken to a town recycling center. If you do not have one in your nearby area, you might be able to rent a bin made especially for recyclable materials, so be sure to ask when you rent the bin for the regular waste. Any scrap metal can be taken to a salvage yard in exchange for money.

Have A Sale

If there are items that can be sold, you can have a property wide sale at your apartment complex to help get rid of these items. Perhaps invite the tenants to participate by bringing out some of their own items for their neighbors and friends to be able to sift through. This can be a fun event for everyone that lives within your apartment complex.

Deep Cleaning

You may want to hire a cleaning company to come in to remove all the dirt and grime that was left by the tenant. They would be able to use commercial grade products that are safe for the environment to removal all bacteria. They would be able to give all surfaces a wipe down as well as give the carpeting a deep cleaning so it is ready for the next tenant.

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