Business Owners: Steps That Can Help You Maintain Your Parking Lot

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If you own a business, the first thing customers see and walk on is the parking lot. For this reason, you need to make sure the parking lot looks great, which is simple if you take these steps. Get Help From a Power Sweeping Company When trash collects in the parking lot, the top surface can start to wear down. This could end up costing you thousands in repairs, but you can protect your parking lot by getting help from a power sweeping company, like Valley Power Sweep street cleaning. These companies will bring out their heavy-duty sweeping trucks. These trucks can make sharp turns, and they are compliant with new emission standards. This ensures they don’t harm the environment when sweeping your parking lot. Vertical curb brooms have a large clearing path, and side-suction hoses help pick up any excess debris. Both the broom and hoses help the sweeping team quickly clean your parking lot in a safe manner. Fill In Potholes The worst thing to find in your parking lot is a pothole – which can develop when water collects over time. Potholes can not only cause damage to a customer’s car, but they make your parking lot look older and worn down. Filling in potholes doesn’t have to be a difficult task when you use a blacktop patch. Featuring an already mixed solution – all you have to do is put this patch inside the pothole. Make sure the pothole is covered completely, and then pack the patch in using a shovel. These patches create a water-tight seal inside the pothole, preventing it from getting any bigger. Since these patches are temperature-resistant, you don’t have to worry about them breaking down when it’s cold or hot outside. Repaint Parking Space Lines During the summer, the sun can cause your parking space lines to fade. This prevents customers from seeing where to park – causing them a lot of stress. To repaint these lines in an efficient manner, you can use a line striping machine. These machines can be rented out, and they utilize aerosol paint. After setting up a paint can on the machine, all you have to do is push down the lever and push the machine forward. A line of paint will start coming out. Thanks to a straight line indicator on the center, you don’t have to worry about painting crooked. Keeping the parking lot around your building looking great is important – as customers walk and drive on this surface when they first arrive at your property. Thanks to these steps, your parking lot is going to look great and be structurally...

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Quality Control: Does Your Business Need NDT?

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Quality control is an important aspect of every manufacturing business. For some industries, testing materials requires non-destructive testing (NDT). And while NDT serves an integral function for some industries, it’s not always a necessity. Do You Need NDT Methods for Your Business? It all depends on your industry. If your business is in fabrication, and you only do limited runs for a client, then you don’t want to destroy your materials to test them. If your plant pumps out mass-produced printed circuit boards, then it’s probably okay to designate a lot or two for destructive testing. Clients may require it. You may find some contracts you take on come with a stipulation that non-destructive testing is a part of the process. There’s also the legal aspect. Some industries have to use NDT by law. If it’s a matter of worker or public safety then NDT comes as a part of your building or system maintenance and inspections. This can include things like, Piping and storage tanks which can corrode, explode, or leak hazardous liquids and gas Materials for buildings, large structures, or anything that holds people Products that must remain under any type of stress or pressure You may just want to use NDT methods for your own peace of mind. You wouldn’t want to ship out a product and find out some time later there’s a defect that your QC methods missed. You could have prevented it, but now it can cost you a lot of money and a real blow to your reputation. In extreme cases, the defect can harm someone or cause an accident. Are You Already Using NDT in Your QC Checks? You probably already perform some kind of NDT in your facility. What are your quality control methods? Do you employ any of these inspection methods? Visual Inspection (VI) – Eyeballing a piece and checking for surface defects is a legitimate form of NDT. Using your hands and other senses also falls under this category. Impulse Excitation Technique (IET) – Tapping a piece with a small hammer is an example of this. You tap, and listen to the sound and vibrations. This is an old technique, and can get far more complicated, but it’s also an example of NDT. These methods can’t help you with subsurface defects, nor will they find very fine defects on the surface. However, for many applications, that’s all you need. When You Need Something More Robust Unfortunately, a quick look and a hammer tap can’t find everything. When quality is of the utmost importance, you need advanced NDT methods. When safety and compliance are factors, then you need professional, certified, trained, and licensed NDT specialists. NDT testing is a full...

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