Bottle recycling depots will allow you to help the environment by having your bottles reused. However, while you are gathering all of your bottles together to have them recycled, think about the ways in which you can reuse your bottles on your own. This will reduce the number of bottles you will need to carry to the bottle depot.

Turn Them Into Vases

Do you like how your bottles look? If they’re large enough, consider using them as vases or planters. You can fill a bottle with water and place flowers from the florist into the bottle. Also, consider filling your bottles with soil and growing small plants out of them. Also, if you have a lot of plastic bottles, you can cut the sides out of the bottles, place soil inside and the plants can then grow vertically from the sides of the bottles.

Create Bird Feeders

Plastic bottles can be turned into bird feeders by simply poking holes in them and inserting wooden spoons into the holes. Make sure to tilt the spoons upward with the heads of the spoons on the lower end. The seeds will spill onto the head of the spoon and more will fall out as the birds feast on the bird seed. Also, the birds won’t mind if some of the bird seed falls onto the ground.

Turn Them Into Lights

Placing small LED lights inside your bottles will create unique and stylish lights. Then, you can either place the bottle on a table or dresser or you can hang the lights. Alternatively, if you have very large wine bottles, you can slice off the bottoms of the bottles and place the bottles over candles. The light from the candles will shine through the bottles to create a unique effect.

Create a Decorative Centerpiece

If you want to create a unique centerpiece, consider wrapping one of your bottles with yarn. Make sure you wrap the bottle tightly enough so the glass or plastic does not show. You can use different yarn colors or even paint over the yarn to give your centerpiece a unique look.

The use of old bottles is limited to your imagination. But the worst place for a bottle to end up is in the garbage. If you don’t know what to do with your bottles or if you simply do not have time for any of these projects, be sure to take your bottles to a nearby bottle depot like Trail Bottle Depot.