There are many different reasons why you may need to have an alternative septic system for your home. For problems with high water tables, a mound type septic system is often used. These are systems that have the drain field above the grade level and are covered with soil to create a mound. In addition to the mound, there are other components that your septic system will need, such as additional lines and pumps. Here are some of the additional components that may be included in the design of your mound septic system:

1. Chambered Tanks That Separate Affluent And Solids

One of the features of a mound septic system may be a series of chambered tanks. The first tank in the system is like those of conventional systems and separates the solids from the affluent (liquid waste). The next tank in the system is where the bacteria breaks down the waste further and contains a pump to remove the affluent and send it to the mound.

2. Tank Pumps To Send Affluent To The Drain Field Mound

The tanks in a mound septic system may contain a pump, which is used to send affluent to the mound of the system. As the level of the affluent rises, a floating switch turns that pump on to remove it from the tank. There may be additional switches in all the chambers of the tanks of your septic system, which will set an alarm off to tell you when they are too full and there is a problem with your system.

3. Engineered Mound Drainage With Additional Filtration Medium

The mound of your system is where the waste affluent is filtered through the ground. It may start with a liner and layers of sand and gravel. The engineered design may also call for the use of an additional filter medium, such as peat moss. This is the drain field that will protect from ground water contamination.

4. Observation Tubes And Risers To Monitor The Septic System

When the system is being installed, there will also be a series of pipes that extend out of the mound. These are observation tubes to check the condition of the system. It may also include risers to access tanks, as well as cleanout pipes to do maintenance to your septic system.

These are some of the additional components that your septic system may need. If you are ready to have a septic system installed for your home, contact an excavation service, like Catmandu Excavating & Bobcat Services, and talk with them about helping install your mound septic system.