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You can call us at (800) 698-6014 or you can email us at is owned by Chris Plante who also owns some other websites.  You can find them all at  Stop in and visit us, watch a cool movie and play a game, or just pop bubble-wrap.  You are always welcome!   


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ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES AND PRODUCTS - Portable spill control units that are lightweight, easily deported and easy to use. is a full service music lessons studio and recording studio in Riverside, CA.  The Musik Planet offers music instruction, theory instruction, music performance instruction, and lessons in the following:  Guitar lessons, piano lessons, voice lessons, bass lessons, saxophone lessons, flute lessons, drum lessons, violin lessons, cello lessons, viola lessons, hip-hop recording lessons, music composition, and rock band lessons.  The Musik Planet is at 6930 Indiana Ave., Suite One, Riverside, CA 92506.  Phone 951-329-2264 for rates and specials. is a social networking site for groovy people. - Find hemp clothing, shoes and accessories online at - UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHER BEVERLY FACTOR has traveled the globe photographing the mysterious world below the oceanís surface. She gave up the corporate life and took a chance. She followed her heart to make her dream of traveling the world to photograph exotic undersea life come true.  Her stunning, award winning images of the underworld world, as well as exotic wildlife, landscapes and indigenous people have been published in numerous magazines, books and products. She has been featured on FOX TV and written about in many magazines. She hopes you will be as captivated by the sea as she has been! - David Koerner is a professor in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the Northern Arizona University.  Visit his Astrobiology club on his website and read about shooting stars, tje Spitzer Space Telescope Research, and his amazing Alaskan Malamute sled Dogs!

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